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Hey there!

My name is Evan Brundritt, and I like to create all kinds of things. I specialize in backend development. I have a passion for creating things, understanding how they work, then changing them to do what I need from them (or breaking them). I am also being trained in school for a CCNA, WIFUND, MCSA Administering Windows Server, Comp TIA A+, and Security+ certifications

As a developer, my experience also includes coding in Python, Java, C, Shell, and HTML. I'm always curious and always learning...

​ I've lived in the small town of Amherstburg and a certified lover of technology. I'm the founder of InternetSec

My mission as a developer/hacker is to create uncrackable systems used worldwide - all in the name of ensuring the people's information is always safe.

But most importantly, I never take myself too seriously.